Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boredom..Not a Word That Should Be Used to Describe a Date

Bored. Normally I'm not bored during a date but this time I was. I met Boredom at a restaurant in Tyson's Corner and I thought I was going in for a really good date. We had met on Match and we corresponding with alot of emails in the previous days preceding the date. I found out that he lives super far from me and his mom does art for a local art market so I was excited to meet him. I figured we had alot in common on that aspect. He seemed like a decent guy and not a crazy weirdo like the other men I have encountered recently. I got there before him and ordered a drink at the bar while I waited for him to show up. He apparently had parked really far so I had to wait about 10 minutes for him to show up. No biggie. I'm normally late to most of my dates anyway and I know its bad, but I have tried really hard not to be so damn late. Anyway, he shows up and we had this awkward "Nice to meet you moment" and we walked to the hostess stand to grab a table. I went to close out my tab at the bar and followed them into the dining area.

Wowzers!! The restaurant he picked out was way pricey for entrees. It was a seafood place and they only really had one chicken option and two steak options on the menu. I'm not a big chicken fan but the price of the rest of the entrees was pretty high and I didn't want to give off a bad vibe so I ordered a salad. In his profile, he says he really likes salmon. At dinner, he said he didn't want to get salmon because he gets that all the time...however 10 minutes later when we are ordering our meal, he orders the salmon and looks at me and says, "sorry, I just had to get it." I don't care, but as he says this, I'm realizing that he really likes to stay within his norm and not deviate too much outside of it. I say this because the restaurant he chose was one in which he frequents for happy hours. Nothing wrong with that, but I would have hoped for a little more variety from him. Oh well.

So we divulge in conversation and I feel like I am doing most of the talking. I try to ask him questions about his life and what he does to have fun. I find out that he puts together model airplanes with his slightly younger brother...ok..pause. His younger brother is 25... I ask him if he goes out alot and he proceeds to tell me that he did all of the drinking and partying in his younger years and that he is done with all of that. He is only 33. Odd. OK. I asked him where he went to college and he tells me that he didn't go and wasn't something he was interested in. He says he makes good money now so there's no point in going now. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I like people to be somewhat ambitious in life. I dunno. Maybe I'm just asking for too much, but I don't think so.

Anyway, I continue asking him about his life and he really runs out of things to say. He concludes with "My life is pretty boring and I find yours very interesting so tell me more about you." Um.... not really what I want to hear, especially on our first date. I don't know what else to say at this point because I feel like I have talked his ear off and my throat is dry trying to keep the conversation going. We get to the point where I really have nothing else to say and we just sit there quietly. Pretty much an awkward silence...To save the date from going downhill, I suggest we go. We pay the bill and he tells me that he will walk me to my car. We get outside and he stops before the parking garage and asks me where I parked. I point in the direction of my car and he says, "Ok, it was really nice to meet you." Then he goes in for a hug and I'm a little shocked. I say goodbye and walk to my car by myself. It was an awkward moment but I'm glad he didn't walk me to my car because I make a split second decision and go back into the mall for a little Christmas shopping. The date might have been boring but that doesn't mean I have to go home with nothing to show for it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

All clamed up and absolutely nothing to say!

So last night I saw one of the hottest guys I have seen in a long time. Seeing one of these at a bar around here is super rare! For those of you who don't know. DC ranked #6 for the least attractive people in the nation according to Travel + Leisure....ouch! For the article, click here. So when you see this hot amazing man, you just have to go up to him and say hi, right? ugh..I couldn't. I didn't. I was completely tongued-tied the whole night! When we first get there, I saw a girl who looked exactly like Rose McGowan from Charmed...even with the enormous boobs. I say this because all she had on was a tank top and a push-up bra. It was hard NOT to notice. A few minutes later, in walks Tuxedo. This hot man was wearing a suit jacket, tie, and a bar. Definitely not the casual look that most men choose when they go out to a bar. Again, it was hard not to notice this hottie all dressed up and about 6'2. He walked by us to get a drink at the bar and all I could do was stare. He walked back in our direction but at his point, it was super crowded and we were packed in there like sardines. I got closer to him as he walked by and my elbow definitely grazed his ass. Perfect. Of course, he didn't notice.. Ugh. If only I could have just bumped into him and started a conversation, but alas, no. I just couldn't do that.

I must have looked like some crazy stalker chick as the night progressed because I would just walk by him and stare. I know he didn't notice because he just stood there watching everyone else around me. He almost looked like he was too bored to bother being there. It was kinda odd. If only I hadn't been a non-blabbering mute all night, I probably would have gone up to him and started chatting. Alas, I was not the lucky one. Charmed girl went up to him and at the end of the night, they exchanged phone numbers. Oh well. I missed my chance. I went to close my tab at the end of the night. As I waited for my tab, I saw him approaching the bar. He stood next to me and it took me about 5 minutes too long to say something to him because when I finally had the courage to just say hi, he was gone. I saw the back of his head disappearing into the crowd. I don't know what came over me. I just couldn't even mutter a simple hello. I know better and I hope next time I won't be such a mute!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Not So Lonely Cab Ride Home

A night on the town is always a lot of fun when you mix alcohol and great friends. However, in order to be safe, it's never a good idea to drink and drive so metro is the way to go into the city. The only draw back is that you have to leave and make it in time before the doors close....yea.. I'm normally running late everywhere and this was definitely not an exception. So, of course we missed the metro and had to catch a cab. Oh cab rides are always fun, aren't they? This one had to be one of the most interesting ones I've had.

It all started because we couldn't grab a suitable cab so a handsome young man came to our rescue and asked if we wanted to share his cab. Um.. yes?! He prepaid the driver to get him from DC to his destination and when we hopped in, we only had to pay a fraction of the price of a normal cab ride home. SWEET! I got in and rode bitch on the ride home. He said he was grateful that we came along so he didn't have to get home by himself...then, he grabbed my hand and started caressing my arm. I ignored him because he was pretty drunk so I continued talking to my friend. Then he grabbed my other hand and started to place it on his lap. I was fighting back laughter and didn't know what to say to him. I took my hand away numerous times but he consistently tried to get me to hold his hands. Soon after he was making out with my arm and I couldn't stop from laughing. He was slobbering all over and trying to get me to leave my hand in his lab.. ie his crotch. We made it back home and he was desperately trying to come inside with us. I left Mr. Arm Sucker in the cab and told the cabbie to take him home. I really don't know how I attract these men but it's hilarious that I do. The only reason why I even played along with him was because he was drunk and we got a cheap cab ride home. Would I do it again? Eh, prob not. I'll dish out the loot to make it safely without a guy sucking on my arm.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guitar Hero...Rock my what?

Phew! I thought I wasn't going to get a decent reply from these guys online anytime soon! Although, Guitar Hero was not what I would typically call the "online man." I say this because instead of the "hi, how r ya?" email.. I get "Hi, *insert funny line here*. I am not really one for this email thing, so let's meet up for appetizers and drinks?" It took me a day or so to get back to him for various reasons. A - I've been busy with work and more work. B - It's a very straightforward approach but at least he didn't ask for massages and to spend the night when we meet. C - I'm not one for facial hair and he pretty much had a full-on beard in all his pictures. Not a big fan but either way, I decided to email him back and agree. You really can't be picky about facial hair like that. I mean you can't be THAT shallow all the time now can you?

The response I got wasn't really what I thought he would say. Instead of the "sure, let's meet up Tuesday at 6 after work." I got "I have plans for guys night out to watch football on Sunday. You should come with a friend so we could all hang out." Uhh...what? Again, I didn't really know what to say to this. I mean, do I show up with said friend and meet his friend and almost have a blind double date? Soo awkward. The first time you meet someone has to be better than, "Hey Joe, this is uh...Jen? and her friend....uh...Lucy. We just met right now." Nooooo! Who does that? I politely declined his offer a few days later and agreed to meet late after work the following week.

It turned out to be a pretty casual meeting. I seriously didn't recognize him when I saw him. First off, he doesn't look like his pictures. Second, the beard was missing! So if you don't look like yourself in your pictures to begin with and you don't have the beard either, how the hell am I supposed to find you?! We both had a great time with alot of talking and laughing. I'm a big talker. Like HUGE talker. I never know when to shut up at times but its hard to keep it going with a stranger for hours. I had a little bit of help keeping the conversation up. Guitar Hero knew the bartender and he kept coming over to talk to us. I was eying the bartender. He was sizzling. Like WAY sizzling. Think young Brad Pitt (Thelma and Louse style). Delish! I found out this particular bartender is afraid of commitment and has a 2 year girlfriend. He mentioned how she has been asking to move-in together but he really can't commit to it whatsoever. Poor gal. He said it would probably happen at least a year from now and then he started laughing, "She probably would have broken up with me by then if I do that!" Sad. If she wants to leave him earlier, I can take him off her hands! ;)

Sorry, back to Guitar Hero. I got distracted but it was hard not to. It was Thelma and Louse style! Tell me you know about Thelma and Louse style! Google it! I promise you won't be disappointed. After about 3 hours of non-stop talking I was slowly winding down and wanted sleep. He quickly noticed that I was failing fast and he gave me an out. He asked if we could see each other again and I agreed. It was a pretty normal date compared to the others that I've been on so why the hell not? He then apologized in advance for his lack of calling and texting because he is normally pretty busy with work. Guitar Hero wanted to make sure that I knew he wasn't blowing me off if I didn't get an immediate response from him. Sure sure. No worries mister.

We got up from our bar stools and he helped me get into my jacket. It was a pretty funny sight since I was trying desperately to get my arm thru the one side but was failing miserable. It took me about 5 minutes to get my stupid coat on and I felt like an idiot. It was almost like watching a dog chase his tail over and over and over again... Oh well, it was pretty funny if you were watching us. He opened doors for me as we left the bar and walked me to my car. It was sweet and cute. What was not sweet and cute was our good bye. Again totally not what I expected. More awkward than anything. I opened my door to the car and he jumped on me to give me a big bear hug and a huge smack on the cheek with his lips. "Thanks for meeting me tonight," he said and with that, he bounced right back to the bar. He startled me and left me with a big fat question mark floating around on the top of my head.. you know, like the ones in the cartoons.

During those 3 hours, I found out some interesting details about Guitar Hero's life. Little tidbits: has played guitar for a good 20 years of his life, went to college for years (over 4) but didn't finish (interesting detail here since he didn't get that magical piece of paper after 4+ years), was in a frat in college, now a manager of a major electronics store, going to get his BA or BS soon (round deux), goes to the same bar all the time (the bar he asked to meet at was the same one he wanted to meet on Sunday and same one he went to for Halloween), lives next door to lesbians (which he really really really enjoys), and has grown up in this area (knows how boring it is to live here which is a plus!). At least its much better than Snip-Snip...Now that was just too much information for one sober night. Guitar Hero, I can handle.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not all Fireman are all that hot

Gone are the days in college where you met a guy at a party and go home with him. However, not everyone is done with the phase and it continues on. Oh how I wish I wasn't looking for love, but I am. I think I deserve something more than a quick one night stand, but some guys don't think so. Fireman sent me a message on and I responded with just a quick, "How are ya?" Well I think he took that as an open invitation to try to get into my panties. The conversation started very innocent and it turned sexual pretty quickly. I said I was tired and he responded that he could come over and give me a massage. Um....maybe? Then I mentioned I was going to dinner with friends and he wanted to come, but I said that its not possible because he lives 2 hours away. His response, "yeah i would have to spend the night. Will you let me?" Uh.. I haven't met you dude, wtf? At least Babies was willing to pay for a hotel room for the night if I said yes to meeting him again. Why do men think that by gaining their attention, it's an open invitation for anything. It seems that anything is fair game. No, it's really not.

Monday, November 8, 2010

"Snip"pets of Information

Wouldn't it be amazing if a good friend of yours hit the nail on the head and tried to set you up with a charming and perfect man? Yup. It would be. However, life isn't perfect...and neither are the men. If you know one, send him this way please. The night started off in a pretty casual way considering I wasn't planning on going out but I got persuaded to just meet up with a good girlfriend of mine at her place. Then she informed me that a hot guy was coming over as well. Yipee! Men!

She introduced me to this guy and I thought he was adorable. Much better looking than she hinted at. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was totally into him so I played it cool almost as if I couldn't care less but still interested enough to pay attention to what he was saying. Well it didn't matter if I had been paying close attention or not because I found out so much about him! Too much almost. First, I found out that he was a divorcé and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I embrace it. It means that he has been thru a marriage and for one reason or another, it just didn't work out.

Soon after, he slipped in that he had fun the other day with his son. Whoa. What? Son?! How was this not told to me prior to meeting him?! After I digested this snippet of information, more things came out about his life. He was telling a story about how drunk he was one night and couldn't remember what he had done but it included girls and it was bad. Someone interjected "Oh you might have more kids in *insert foreign country here*." To which he responded, "Yea I dont think so. Two is enough and the only way that's possible is to visit a doctor again." Uhhhhh..what?!?!!? Did I just hear right? First off, its not one kid but TWO. Yup...Deux. He spoke of them highly and I'm sure they are great kids, but man.. kids. THEN, the vasectomy! Whoa dude! Whoa. He got a vasectomy!!! holy moly! My jaw dropped to the floor and my head snapped in his direction. Kinda obvious? Yup. But I mean come on...It's hard NOT to react to something like that. So yea I just met, oh i dunno...about an hour prior to learning all of this about him. Ugh, too bad he had to tell me this things on day one. These are pieces of your life that you have to sprinkle in a conversation. SPRINKLE! NOT smother!

Oh I have mixed feelings about this but Snip-Snip really was pretty hot. So, can I get past all of that information and have a decent conversation with this guy later on down the road? I'm not so sure, but I can try. I'm sure that I will probably see him again considering he is friends with my friend so all I can do is smile and nod. Oh Snip-Snip you were so darn cute.

Too bad we can't screen them first.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Missed Connections

So here's something to ponder...If you see a stranger on the street and you lock eyes but neither one of you makes a move, do you get a second chance? Chances are no. If you don't make the move now, it will probably never happen. You will miss your opportunity and will probably never see them again. You can get on craiglist and post a missed connection or post an ad someplace else, but what are the odds that the other person is also searching for you too? Pretty freaking slim! Either way, you do it anyway in hopes of finding them again.

Well I posted and of course he won't see it!
So I know this is a long shot but I thought I would try. You opened the door as I was walking out and stopped short because you would have ran into me. Your buddy ran into you and gave me a funny face. You held the door for me and I laughed and said Thank you. I heard your friend give you a snide comment to which you responded "I was opening the door for her!" I turned around as I walked away and said "Sorry" and smiled. I thought you were cute. I saw that you were still staring at me. I wish I would have walked back in there and just talked to you. If you find this, we should meet up :P
But I did it anyway. Why not? He really was cute!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween..A night to dress up and play make believe

Oh Halloween. Don't you love it? Everyone dresses up as something they are not and goes out on the town to paint it red. It's my favorite time of the year and it never fails to deliver a devastatingly handsome guy. Altho, it didn't start out so smooth. Going out to a bar that I frequent is dangerous considering I met Bartender there a few weeks ago. Eeek! I think I could be more receptive to the idea of Bartender if he wasn't so odd. For starters, he always goes to the bar alone...and what is it with that pizza eating thing he does?! Don't get me wrong - I have gone to the bar alone too, but I don't do it ALL the time! Something doesn't seem right here. Anyway, he calls my name and I turn but didn't expect to see him standing there grinning at me. Deer in the headlights = ME! "Uhhhhhh...." I froze in place and didn't know what to say except stupidly, "Hi." He runs over and gives me a hug and the only thing I could say was that I was looking for my friends and that I have to find them. He said I looked good and then I turned my heels and walked away. I didn't really know what to say. He totally caught me off guard and the only thing I could do was run away. I quickly found my friends and simultaneously got a txt, "At the bar, come join for a drink." Um..No thanks. With that, I left and moved on to the next bar. I had to get out of there and see what else I could get my hands on. ;-)

The next bar was just as dashing as the first and where I met Gladiator. It was late in the night and I was too tired to stand anymore so I casually sat on a bar stool while my friends danced their little hearts away. A drunk stranger approached me and picked me up off the bar stool to tell me that I need to dance with....another random stranger! Said stranger was nonetheless Gladiator. I think he was dressed up as Julius Caesar but my friends kept calling him Gladiator so it stuck. We danced for maybe 30 seconds and then drunk Gladiator walked away from me. Ouch. Sting!! I cared but was also glad considering I was too tired to stand anymore.

I went back to my lonely bar stool and as I sat there, Gladiator comes up next to me and asks if I want to dance. I politely say no that I'm too tired so he decides to sit next to me. He starts talking to me and wants to know my age and what I do. I tell him the cordial details of my life and he gets really close to my face and starts to caress my cheek. He guesses my age at 21 (I wish!!) and I shake my head no. When I tell him my real age, his eyes get really big and he sluggishly (but in a cute way) says, "HHOOOT." He proceeds to caress the corners of my eyes and stammers "But you don't have any wrinkles!" Hahaha.. Whoa! I didn't see that one coming! I thought it was hilarious more than insulting and said to him, "Nope. Sorry to disappoint ya!" He whispers close to me, "I want to make out with you right now." I laugh and tell him that I do not even know his name! Which is very true considering we had only been talking for maybe ten minutes at this point. When he tells me his name he tries to kiss me and misses my lips but kisses my cheek. I push him away and he looks completely disheartened and says, "I am a devastatingly handsome guy who goes to a prestigious East coast school and is getting his Masters. Why would you not want to make out with me?" With that, he grabs my face and starts going to town on my lips. Wow! I couldn't tell if he was a good kisser or not because there was alot of teeth involved in this kiss. I finally came up for air and all I could do was giggle like a school girl! Oh.. why the hell not?

We were making out like barbarians and I just didn't care. I was having too much it was Halloween! We got on the dance floor and danced around like fools continuously making out with each passing minute. The bar was shutting down and I turned to say goodbye to Gladiator but he insisted that I take his number. We exchanged numbers and with a magnificent kiss, we said goodbye. It was sweet. I'm not sure if he will remember my name or even me when he wakes up Sunday morning but I could always reach out to him right? He is saved in my phone as Caesar..true story. We shared a great night and a great goodbye kiss if nothing else. He was charming and drunk so who knows what will happen when he sobers up. All in all, an amazing night was had by all and I shared a sweet kiss with a devastatingly handsome stranger. Let's do it again soon! Same time next week?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

No, you're really not famous so stop it!

A night on the town always leads to great stories and it never fails! It also leads to two numbers! To start the night off, I get a text from Bartender asking me what I was up to. I mentioned that I was in the city and his response was "Oh I ended up there last night." Um...Ok, so because I said no to coming over, I guess he went out after our date to see if he could get laid. Well good for him! My guess is that it didn't go well since he texted me asking what I was up to. Sorry Bartender. Better luck next time.

The first number was from a guy who was a Cheeseball. Yes my dear friends. He introduced himself as *insert name here* and it was proceeded by "You know like *insert hot famous man here with the same first name as him*" I have to say that I haven't heard that line before and I rolled my eyes and laughed. It got me talking to him so I guess it worked. Right? Altho talking wasn't really what he was after. Cheeseball asked me to dance and I agreed to go out on the cramped dance floor. There was no room to move out there and it gave Cheeseball the opportunity to dance pretty close to me. I have to say that he was pretty aggressive in leading but it was quite funny to watch him try to grind on my leg. Um... Do you think that's attractive? Well he definitely enjoyed it because I could tell. I could REALLY tell. *wink. After his performance on the dance floor, he asked for my number to meet up with him again. I know that he was pretty drunk and I wasn't sure he was even going to remember my name but he was really cute so I agreed. I haven't decided if this was a good idea or not.

After leaving the bar I walked back to my car and ran into some drunk guys yelling out random things. There were two groups and later I found out some were Marines and some were in the Army. Why I decided to stop and chat with them, I don't know. After much bantering, I drove two of them to their hotel because I didn't have anything better to do. Also, because I had seen them earlier in the evening and thought one of them was hot but completely taken...aka. Left hand ring finger. I found out he was in the Army and stationed in Germany and that him and his friend were leaving in a few days. Oh well. At least we had one night to chat. We exchanged numbers to see if we could all hang out the next day.. no, I didn't get the married guy's number -That's just wrong! It would have been fun to hang out again, but I was way too busy preparing for Halloween and all the festivities that come with that.  All in all, I think it was a pretty good night with great laughs and good people.

Monday, October 25, 2010

And the Sparks...Don't Fly!

I finally agreed to go out with Bartender again. I thought maybe I'd give him another chance and decided to meet up for a drink or two at a bar. Again, he ordered pizza...and again he demolished the poor thing. It looked like he ripped it to shreds. He said that it was burnt which is why he ate it like that... It's just so odd. It also makes it worse that this is our second meeting and he's done this pizza thing twice. Creature of habit?

It was a really great conversation but it fizzled quickly. I ran out of things to talk about and he took that as a sign to leave. He asked if I would go back to his place and watch a movie...It was around 1am. I might have considered going had he not completely insisted on it. Bartender admitted to trying to entice me with cable. Yup. He said, "I've got cable. You should come over." REALLY?! Cable?! Sigh.. I politely declined and he insisted on going for walk. Oh sure. What the hell? Well we conveniently ended up in front of his building and he asked again about coming over. I said no and steered him towards my car.

We hugged goodbye and he kissed me on the cheek. However, as I was pulling away from the hug something happened and all too quickly I found myself kissing him. Yup. Smooching the man who clearly only wanted me to come home with him. I would have embraced it had I felt something when we kissed. There were no fireworks. There were no sparklers. There really wasn't even smoke! My leg didn't levitate like it does in the movies when the girl gets the guy. Nope. Sad. Surely I would have enjoyed the kiss from a man whose company was pretty good. But alas, this wasn't the case. Maybe my next kiss will be much better?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Night Booty Call...Pass

I feel like it was such a booty call! Whose with me? If you get a txt from a guy at 9:30 pm and they ask if you want to get a drink around 10:30...Do you assume it is a booty call? Just food for thought.

Bartender was the culprit and was pretty persistent about meeting up so late. I tried to back out of it and suggested tomorrow instead. Well again, 10:30pm was the time to meet because he had to work until then. Ok, Mr. Bartender...If you have to work so late, why don't you ask me out on a proper date on a Friday night or something at a decent hour? Why ask to meet up at 10:30? Doesn't that just sound creepy? No, seriously. Bartender stop creeping me out! I honestly don't quite remember your face due to the amount of alcohol involved that night, but that doesn't mean I'm fair game for a late night rendezvous. Um...I barely remember your name. Rain check for a real date?

Bartender...Stop creeping me out!

So I met bartender at a bar (obviously) but he wasn't working at the bar :) We chatted up over pizza. He showed up to the bar alone, on a random night, and plopped down next to me as I sipped my beer and people watched at the bar. I paid no attention to him because I was too busy making eyes with Eye Candy in the corner. Eye candy was delish..but he was in the mist of a group of gals who clearly were more eager to eat him up than listen to anything that poor thing was saying.

Bartender caught my attention by asking if I was going to order food because I asked to borrow his menu and then gave it back to him. I decided not to. You know, calories and all that jazz! But when his pizza came, he said I was welcomed to share his pizza. Sure. I'll try it. It was pretty good, but I was more interested in watching him eat the pizza than anything else. It was quite strange. First, he ate it with a fork and knife (that doesn't bother me, but its odd). Then, he pretty much just ate the toppings and nothing else. He left a heap of dough on the plate and it looked like that poor pizza suffered. Just mangled. I'm sorry sad little pizza...I would have treated you better.

We dove into a conversation that consisted of jobs, hobbies, education...ya know..The usual suspects. I found out he was quite older altho, I have no idea how old. I just know that he graduated college a long time ago and divulged into the corporate world only to find out he hated it. Now he works part-time for THE MAN and bartends the rest of the time. We swapped numbers so that we could meet up later because my friends were pretty much drunk and out the door. I told him the bar that we may or may not end up at but either way, we'd catch up some other time. With a quick hug, I was out the door in search of my dear drunk friends.

After a few minutes of dilly-dallying outside, we ended up at the bar that I had told Bartender we were going to be at. He was waiting for me, alone, in the middle of the room, staring intently at the door (I guess to see if I really showed up). Either way, it kinda creeped me out. I know I said maybe I would go, but seriously dude. Why go to a bar alone, try to pick up a girl, get her number and still follow her to the next bar? Why not wait oh I dunno a day or so and then call her? OH! and I know he saw me because we locked eyes. My friend pulled me to the back of the bar before I could wave or at least acknowledge that I saw him. I expected a txt message at least. Yea. Nope. Just kinda creepy. Maybe I'll decide to meet up with this chap if he doesn't creep me out over text message later. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aviator.. A Normal Guy!

Finally! A normal conversation with a normal guy! Aviator is awesome. We meet up at a local coffeehouse, not a starbucks and had a great afternoon. We talked about our jobs, hobbies, and family. There was no talk about exs or children or even the real heavy stuff. He has 2 brothers and is moving to Alexandria at the beginning of next year to be closer to Richmond. He was in the army and studied aviation engineering and now works for a major US airline. He has been almost all over the world with places that include Brazil, Japan, China, and Thailand. He hasn't been to Europe but really wants to. He also has been to New York City! I told him I would be his tour guide. Cute huh?

We didn't really get a chance to hang out too long because I never heard back from him early on so I made a reservation for a pilates class. I felt bad because he drove over an hour to meet me because of traffic, but he just never responded back to me after his email on Tuesday. Oh well. We talked alot about art and he was really interested to know about me and what I do when I'm not working. Overall it was a really great conversation. He walked me to my car at the end of our meeting and I gave him a hug which was a bit longer than the usual "nice to meet you hug." We pulled away and all of a sudden I found myself in that awkward position of "Do we kiss now? Do you want to kiss me?" moment. I'm still getting over a cold and certainly didn't want to get him sick so I quickly pulled away. I swear I was blushing really bad and I hope he didn't catch that! We agreed to meet later but because he travels alot, it would be him contacting me. I'm OK with that. I do hope I get to see him again but if nothing else, I had a lovely time with a cute southern boy. Precious.

UPDATE: I tried to reach out to him but no avail. Oh well. Like I said, I had a great time and wouldn't change a thing...well maybe the end result. I would have kissed him if I had to do it again. You live and you learn right?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Pop Diva is a Breeder!

Irish bars. Very casual environment where one would normally get a Guiness or a beer. Nope. He ordered a long island ice tea. Slightly surprised, but from what I know about him, I shouldn't be. So I would rate the date on a scale of 1-10 about a 7. It was super boring at the beginning because he wanted to talk mostly about work. I was way glassy-eyed at the beginning of the conversation and all I really wanted to say was "Shut up about work already! I really don't care about coding because I know nothing about it!" But I didn't. I just nodded and looked as if I was super interested in learning all about software engineering. What is software engineering anyway??

After I practically fell asleep, we moved onto other topics such as ex-relationships. Yup. Not something you should really want to discuss on the first meeting with a random stranger, but we did. He has had alot of casual relationships in his dating life and only one serious one. He dated her for awhile and they moved in together. It didn't work out because somehow they grew apart. It was a cute story and I wish my breakups ended as amicably as theirs did, but it's not a perfect world, now is it? If it were, we would all be gorgeous supermodels and our husbands would have the bodies of the gods. Nope. Only 1% of the population are so lucky. Gissele and Tom, anyone? Anywhoooo. After rehashing the little details of their lives together, he proceeded to tell me that he comes from a very small family. However, he wants to have a large family and envies those that do. He wants lots of kids! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about wanting a soccer team of kids, but that's not for me. I'm not even sure I can handle one let alone 11!d He didnt say 11, but he said ALOT! EEK!

Moving along, we spoke of hobbies and interests and it is safe to say that we don't really have much in common. He follows MMA and that's pretty much it. He won't really watch a football game or any other sport but he can tell you all the stats of the MMA fighters. I'm not really an MMA fan. Honesty I didn't know that MMA existed like that until I googled it after he emailed me. I love football. I don't really know who's who, but I enjoy watching the games on Sunday either at a bar or in the comfort of my own couch. Like I said, he doesn't listen to rock music because he says he can't relate to it...but he can relate to Beyonce singing about "Single Ladies??" Needless to say, I enjoyed the time out with him and he is always good for a laugh. Maybe we can go out again and swap stories over a dirty martini. Who knows? For now, I'll keep searching and hitting refresh on my browser for a list of the hot single men in this town.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rhianna..say what?!

Oh goodness! Let's call him Pop Diva. Mr. Pop Diva indeed. I have to say hands down, one of the most interesting conversations I have had in a long long time. We bonded over knee injuries and the emotional rollar coaster that you ride when you have to go to doctor after doctor to tell you that they really can't help you or fix you. Or that they have no idea what is wrong with your knee. Yup. That was how our conversation started.

Then he proceeded to tell me about his love for music. His love for pop music. Yes. Pop music. Brittney, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Beyonce are all of his favorites and are all women that he jams to. Yup. Mr. Pop Diva loves these women so much that he even told me that he blares his car stereo and sings at the top of his lungs "I feel like a Woman." That is correct. Shania Twain's hit back in the day. Um...Really?! I mean I do it too, but I'm a woman. Not some macho MMA fighter who loves pop music but isn't a fan of alternative rock. So he says he can't listen to Weezer or Good Charolotte or Jack Johnson. Why? Because they are all men who are whinny and he's not a fan of the whinny man who cries about his sorry life in a song. After I digested this fact that I learned from him, I learned other details of his life that still left me wondering whether or not Mr. Pop Diva was pulling my leg. He announced to me that he loves Dirty Martinis and delicious Bloody Mary's with lots of Tabasco to make it spicy! I thought he was joking. Nope. He wasn't. He can't drink beer because it makes him sleepy so unless he's at a loud bar or sporting event, beer is out of the question. Ok. I understand that. But Dirty Martinis'? Should I buy you a Cosmo then when we meet?

Of course after I learned more about him, Mr. Pop Diva intrigued me. His profile pictures showed a suave, gorgeous-bodied man and his profile cast this glimpse of a career-minded professional who knew where he was going. However, the conversation I had with him left me wanting to know more about this man who had a love of pop music. We agreed to meet and have drinks to continue the conversation of where we left off. I still can't believe he is not a fan of rock music. How can you not like it? So is Nickelback out of the picture then? Sad. Maybe we can't be friends... Or maybe we can sing along to Circus together while drinking dirty martinis at the bar later on. Bring it on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aviator.. Not to be confused with Avator.

A few days ago, I got an email from Aviator who moved here from a different state. He seems pretty cool and said that from my profile, it seems like I'm an interesting person. He also wanted to know exactly how scared of airplanes I was because he said that he has never heard of anyone who was afraid of airplanes. Um.. and he works in Aviation. Well, duh. You are around people who LOVE airplanes. Well Mr Aviator, Nice to meet you. I have a phobia. I told him how bad it was - yes, even including the Xanex story about how my doctor prescribed me some because clearly I had issues getting on a plane. I know its a ridiculous fear and I'm trying to get over it. I just can't help to hyperventilate ever time one of those suckers flies over my head while driving down the parkway near the airport. Well now he knows and he doesn't seem to be running in the opposite direction from me, so thats a plus!

We exchanged a few more emails where he told me he was going on vaca for a week and would be back soon. I left him my number and told him to give me a buzz when he gets back in town. Welcome to today. Hello Mr Aviator. Thanks for the email. Sure, I'd love to meet up with you. Maybe Mr. Aviator will help me get over this ridiculous fear. Who knows? I'll clue you in on Thursday ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blast from the very near past

So not only did I get a txt and picture from Daddy's Boy the other day asking me about my day.. Um hello?!? I haven't spoken to you in 3 weeks! But I also got one from Babies! AND another one from Kisser. Sheesh. Did they talk and decide to randomly chat me up again? OR are they playing the games where once you go out with a girl...wait 3 plus days to call on her again? I'm pretty nice about these things so I responded courteously to them. Well, most of them. I didn't know what to say to Babies. I know I need to be honest, but he is just too cute and he sent me a picture of himself.

So Daddy's Boy txted up a storm about how my day was and what I have been up to, etc. Kinda odd because then all of a sudden the txts just stopped coming. Whatever. And Kisser keeps randomly txting me at 12am or 2am asking me what I'm doing. Um. I dunno. Sleeping like normal people do? Just a guess. Just all around very strange that the 3 of them decided to chat me up on the same day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A perfect day for a wedding..No, not mine.

Oh, it was a warm autumn day and the perfect day for a wedding. My cousin's wedding. I love weddings. The food, the dress, the decorations, the flowers, and of course the happy couple. What I don't like is at the reception, when they call all the single ladies to catch the bouquet, people are always trying to call you out for being single. It's not always a bad thing, but if the last thing you want to do is stand in a crowd of single women who are vying to snatch the bouquet from your hands, then it's not fun. I was a good sport and went onto the dance floor anyway. The bouquet was tossed and it flew over all of our heads. The moment it hit the ground, I felt trampled as all the women rushed to pick it up off the floor and fight for it like it was a huge diamond ring up for grabs. No, thanks. I'll pass. To make matters worse, there was not a single eligible man there. Sure there were men there, but it was a small wedding and almost everyone seemed attached or their partner wasn't at the wedding for various reasons. Oh well, no hot and heavy random-wedding-make-out at this one. Til next time.

Since there were no eligible men there, I decided to take matters into my own hands and meet up with a man-friend down in DC after the wedding. Let's call him Dimples. Oh Dimples! I always thought he was hot, but even in our college years, on a drunken night out, we respected each other too much to be each other's random casual hookup. Oh what I wouldn't give to have this delicious man in my life. He just got out of a long-term relationship and is only looking for casual sex. Too bad. We didn't date in college because then he was looking for just casual sex as well. The she came along and made him a long-term guy but she wasn't his THE ONE. Now, Dimples is back to casual sex. Crap. Do I want casual sex? Well, yes. With him, well no. He is too much of a friend for our friend relationship to go sour. Sex always complicates things in a relationship like that and he is too valuable to risk least for now ;) So off I went, back to my own bed, while Dimples got a late night rendezvous under his bedsheets.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A short list of stories

So I've already met 4 since I logged on to both OkCupid and Match. Kisser, Young one, Daddy's boy, and Babies. I thought Kisser was cute, but when we met..his pictures did not match him! I agreed to meet up with him at a bar for drinks..little did I know that he was working that night. He was a bouncer at a bar and told me to show up on a Friday night. I did and just sat there sipping on one cocktail while he watched the door. BORING! When I was trying to make my escape, he invited me to breakfast at 1am when he was getting off. I tried to back down, but I was a bit hungry and he agreed to go to a diner close to where I live...I couldn't come up with a great excuse, so I agreed. He was nice, just not for me. After breakfast, he walked me to my car and tried to kiss me.. 3 TIMES! I get it. I may have sent him mixed messages by going to breakfast with him. Ok. Fine. Try once, not 3 times! Needless to say, I left him probably angry, but I was just not interested.

Young one - Oh he was super cute and 24. Yea not that much younger, but to me, it seemed alot younger. We met at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum. He ordered calamari, which I tried and did not find appealing. He talked about his drunken adventures with his friends, and then some more drunken adventures, and then some more. Needless to say, this was the most G-rated date ever! I passed on cheesecake because I just wanted to get out of there and it seemed like he was more interested in telling me stories than he was interested in me. Oh well.

Daddy's Boy - He seemed real nice and when he messaged me, I immediately gave him my number. I'm not sure why. I just felt sassy on a great Sunday morning. We texted all day and he invited me to meet his friends at a bar to watch the Redskins game. I wanted to go, but not on our first meeting. Too weird! I politely declined and then he called me later on in the day. We talked about random things for 3 hours! Yup. 3 hours! We agreed to officially meet in 2 days. We talked again the next day over the phone again. Another long conversation. I found out that he was sporting a black eye. Yup. A shiner. He said that he had gotten into a fight with some dude and that same dude sent his own girlfriend to the hospital the next day. Now Daddy's Boy has to go to court to testify. Um What?! Well I already had agreed to meet him so I still went. The meeting went fine. We sat at the bar, which was kinda odd, but he did ask if I wanted a table. He was dressed very casual and I was not. I was wearing a summer dress and he was in ripped up jeans and a tee. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but on a first date? So needless to say, I decided it was best we stay at the bar instead of a fancy shmancy table. We had a great conversation over dinner. We laughed and talked for a few hours and then he had to leave the bar for family reasons. He didn't walk me to my car, but that was ok with me. Then a few days later, we txted each other again. He was really great but a little rough around the edges. I thought we could definitely hang out again. Then he asked me to come over because he was horny from drinking...Um. Pass.

Babies - Oh he was cute! and had 2 kids! We had a lovely time at dinner where I was told that he lives over an hour away from me and has 2 kids. I knew he lived far, but I had no idea about the kids. TOTALLY SPRUNG ON ME AT DINNER.. Who does that? The pictures I saw on his profile were with both of his kids, but I thought they were his sister or brother or even his cousins.. I mean they did look alike. Crap. I thought he was a great guy and I would totally be into him if he didn't have the kids. I like kids. I do. I'm just not ready to date someone with 2 of them. Especially because they are older, aged 5 and 7 and old enough to know their daddy dates. Too weird for me. I like you, yes. Thanks for dinner, but I cannot commit to you because I'm really not ready for that. Thanks for driving to meet me!

So there you have it. My 4 stories so far. All different and interesting. So far, so good. Right?

You're Here! and so am I. Here's why!

If you stumbled upon this blog by accident, well..WELCOME! I am a recently 27 yo single gal looking for love in the political world of DC. I was dating a guy whom I thought I was going to marry. We went thru the whole timeline..meeting, dating, and then finally moving together. He bought a house and I moved in with him and we started a life together. I even got a promise ring.. Yea I know. Mistake numero uno! I've read the comments of what a promise ring is and I vow never to get one again. It's a fake engagement ring. It is and its not for me. Anyway, it was great.. sorta like playing house. However, things just went south after we opened our doors to a family member and then all of a sudden, I found myself on the outside looking in. We had our issues just like everyone else, so that was not the downfall of our relationship, but it didn't help to have someone else living with us as we were going thru our "rocky moments." Everything was split down the middle and some things, I left  because the fighting just wasn't worth it. So I was ousted and had to find a place to live. Well, living in this city is pretty expensive, so I did what anyone would do. I found a free place. My parents. YIKES! I'm only here temporarily but over the past few months, I have come to terms with life and where I stand. Who cares that I live here? It might suck that I really can't bring anyone home, but I don't pay rent! I would much rather have more cash than to have sex whenever I want. No, I'm lying! But having more money helps in this economy!

So after finding myself single and alone, I did what anyone else does going thru a breakup does. I cried. I got depressed. I lost a few pounds or so. I felt utterly alone. And then something incredible happened. After I cried a river, I had to build a bridge and get over it.. so I stopped crying. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I picked up the pieces and started getting my life together. Along the way, I signed up for online dating sites and started regaining the social life I used to have. I have a very small circle of friends and they don't really go out at all, so I decided that I really had to do this on my own. So I did.. I embarked on a whole different world. Online Dating. I've been in this world for about 2 months now and I felt the need to share the experiences with everyone because I know I'm not the only gal who has ever gone thru this, nor will I be the last.

So here goes. Wish me luck on this journey. I may find the person I am going to marry, or it might not happen, but it's worth giving it a try.