Monday, October 25, 2010

And the Sparks...Don't Fly!

I finally agreed to go out with Bartender again. I thought maybe I'd give him another chance and decided to meet up for a drink or two at a bar. Again, he ordered pizza...and again he demolished the poor thing. It looked like he ripped it to shreds. He said that it was burnt which is why he ate it like that... It's just so odd. It also makes it worse that this is our second meeting and he's done this pizza thing twice. Creature of habit?

It was a really great conversation but it fizzled quickly. I ran out of things to talk about and he took that as a sign to leave. He asked if I would go back to his place and watch a movie...It was around 1am. I might have considered going had he not completely insisted on it. Bartender admitted to trying to entice me with cable. Yup. He said, "I've got cable. You should come over." REALLY?! Cable?! Sigh.. I politely declined and he insisted on going for walk. Oh sure. What the hell? Well we conveniently ended up in front of his building and he asked again about coming over. I said no and steered him towards my car.

We hugged goodbye and he kissed me on the cheek. However, as I was pulling away from the hug something happened and all too quickly I found myself kissing him. Yup. Smooching the man who clearly only wanted me to come home with him. I would have embraced it had I felt something when we kissed. There were no fireworks. There were no sparklers. There really wasn't even smoke! My leg didn't levitate like it does in the movies when the girl gets the guy. Nope. Sad. Surely I would have enjoyed the kiss from a man whose company was pretty good. But alas, this wasn't the case. Maybe my next kiss will be much better?

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