Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bartender...Stop creeping me out!

So I met bartender at a bar (obviously) but he wasn't working at the bar :) We chatted up over pizza. He showed up to the bar alone, on a random night, and plopped down next to me as I sipped my beer and people watched at the bar. I paid no attention to him because I was too busy making eyes with Eye Candy in the corner. Eye candy was delish..but he was in the mist of a group of gals who clearly were more eager to eat him up than listen to anything that poor thing was saying.

Bartender caught my attention by asking if I was going to order food because I asked to borrow his menu and then gave it back to him. I decided not to. You know, calories and all that jazz! But when his pizza came, he said I was welcomed to share his pizza. Sure. I'll try it. It was pretty good, but I was more interested in watching him eat the pizza than anything else. It was quite strange. First, he ate it with a fork and knife (that doesn't bother me, but its odd). Then, he pretty much just ate the toppings and nothing else. He left a heap of dough on the plate and it looked like that poor pizza suffered. Just mangled. I'm sorry sad little pizza...I would have treated you better.

We dove into a conversation that consisted of jobs, hobbies, education...ya know..The usual suspects. I found out he was quite older altho, I have no idea how old. I just know that he graduated college a long time ago and divulged into the corporate world only to find out he hated it. Now he works part-time for THE MAN and bartends the rest of the time. We swapped numbers so that we could meet up later because my friends were pretty much drunk and out the door. I told him the bar that we may or may not end up at but either way, we'd catch up some other time. With a quick hug, I was out the door in search of my dear drunk friends.

After a few minutes of dilly-dallying outside, we ended up at the bar that I had told Bartender we were going to be at. He was waiting for me, alone, in the middle of the room, staring intently at the door (I guess to see if I really showed up). Either way, it kinda creeped me out. I know I said maybe I would go, but seriously dude. Why go to a bar alone, try to pick up a girl, get her number and still follow her to the next bar? Why not wait oh I dunno a day or so and then call her? OH! and I know he saw me because we locked eyes. My friend pulled me to the back of the bar before I could wave or at least acknowledge that I saw him. I expected a txt message at least. Yea. Nope. Just kinda creepy. Maybe I'll decide to meet up with this chap if he doesn't creep me out over text message later. Cross your fingers!

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