Monday, October 11, 2010

Blast from the very near past

So not only did I get a txt and picture from Daddy's Boy the other day asking me about my day.. Um hello?!? I haven't spoken to you in 3 weeks! But I also got one from Babies! AND another one from Kisser. Sheesh. Did they talk and decide to randomly chat me up again? OR are they playing the games where once you go out with a girl...wait 3 plus days to call on her again? I'm pretty nice about these things so I responded courteously to them. Well, most of them. I didn't know what to say to Babies. I know I need to be honest, but he is just too cute and he sent me a picture of himself.

So Daddy's Boy txted up a storm about how my day was and what I have been up to, etc. Kinda odd because then all of a sudden the txts just stopped coming. Whatever. And Kisser keeps randomly txting me at 12am or 2am asking me what I'm doing. Um. I dunno. Sleeping like normal people do? Just a guess. Just all around very strange that the 3 of them decided to chat me up on the same day.

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