Friday, October 15, 2010

Mr. Pop Diva is a Breeder!

Irish bars. Very casual environment where one would normally get a Guiness or a beer. Nope. He ordered a long island ice tea. Slightly surprised, but from what I know about him, I shouldn't be. So I would rate the date on a scale of 1-10 about a 7. It was super boring at the beginning because he wanted to talk mostly about work. I was way glassy-eyed at the beginning of the conversation and all I really wanted to say was "Shut up about work already! I really don't care about coding because I know nothing about it!" But I didn't. I just nodded and looked as if I was super interested in learning all about software engineering. What is software engineering anyway??

After I practically fell asleep, we moved onto other topics such as ex-relationships. Yup. Not something you should really want to discuss on the first meeting with a random stranger, but we did. He has had alot of casual relationships in his dating life and only one serious one. He dated her for awhile and they moved in together. It didn't work out because somehow they grew apart. It was a cute story and I wish my breakups ended as amicably as theirs did, but it's not a perfect world, now is it? If it were, we would all be gorgeous supermodels and our husbands would have the bodies of the gods. Nope. Only 1% of the population are so lucky. Gissele and Tom, anyone? Anywhoooo. After rehashing the little details of their lives together, he proceeded to tell me that he comes from a very small family. However, he wants to have a large family and envies those that do. He wants lots of kids! Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about wanting a soccer team of kids, but that's not for me. I'm not even sure I can handle one let alone 11!d He didnt say 11, but he said ALOT! EEK!

Moving along, we spoke of hobbies and interests and it is safe to say that we don't really have much in common. He follows MMA and that's pretty much it. He won't really watch a football game or any other sport but he can tell you all the stats of the MMA fighters. I'm not really an MMA fan. Honesty I didn't know that MMA existed like that until I googled it after he emailed me. I love football. I don't really know who's who, but I enjoy watching the games on Sunday either at a bar or in the comfort of my own couch. Like I said, he doesn't listen to rock music because he says he can't relate to it...but he can relate to Beyonce singing about "Single Ladies??" Needless to say, I enjoyed the time out with him and he is always good for a laugh. Maybe we can go out again and swap stories over a dirty martini. Who knows? For now, I'll keep searching and hitting refresh on my browser for a list of the hot single men in this town.

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