Sunday, October 31, 2010

No, you're really not famous so stop it!

A night on the town always leads to great stories and it never fails! It also leads to two numbers! To start the night off, I get a text from Bartender asking me what I was up to. I mentioned that I was in the city and his response was "Oh I ended up there last night." Um...Ok, so because I said no to coming over, I guess he went out after our date to see if he could get laid. Well good for him! My guess is that it didn't go well since he texted me asking what I was up to. Sorry Bartender. Better luck next time.

The first number was from a guy who was a Cheeseball. Yes my dear friends. He introduced himself as *insert name here* and it was proceeded by "You know like *insert hot famous man here with the same first name as him*" I have to say that I haven't heard that line before and I rolled my eyes and laughed. It got me talking to him so I guess it worked. Right? Altho talking wasn't really what he was after. Cheeseball asked me to dance and I agreed to go out on the cramped dance floor. There was no room to move out there and it gave Cheeseball the opportunity to dance pretty close to me. I have to say that he was pretty aggressive in leading but it was quite funny to watch him try to grind on my leg. Um... Do you think that's attractive? Well he definitely enjoyed it because I could tell. I could REALLY tell. *wink. After his performance on the dance floor, he asked for my number to meet up with him again. I know that he was pretty drunk and I wasn't sure he was even going to remember my name but he was really cute so I agreed. I haven't decided if this was a good idea or not.

After leaving the bar I walked back to my car and ran into some drunk guys yelling out random things. There were two groups and later I found out some were Marines and some were in the Army. Why I decided to stop and chat with them, I don't know. After much bantering, I drove two of them to their hotel because I didn't have anything better to do. Also, because I had seen them earlier in the evening and thought one of them was hot but completely taken...aka. Left hand ring finger. I found out he was in the Army and stationed in Germany and that him and his friend were leaving in a few days. Oh well. At least we had one night to chat. We exchanged numbers to see if we could all hang out the next day.. no, I didn't get the married guy's number -That's just wrong! It would have been fun to hang out again, but I was way too busy preparing for Halloween and all the festivities that come with that.  All in all, I think it was a pretty good night with great laughs and good people.


Ayuni said...

hello.....why don't you go for that cheese guy?

SingleGal said...

Oh he was too drunk to even remember my name or me!