Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not all Fireman are all that hot

Gone are the days in college where you met a guy at a party and go home with him. However, not everyone is done with the phase and it continues on. Oh how I wish I wasn't looking for love, but I am. I think I deserve something more than a quick one night stand, but some guys don't think so. Fireman sent me a message on and I responded with just a quick, "How are ya?" Well I think he took that as an open invitation to try to get into my panties. The conversation started very innocent and it turned sexual pretty quickly. I said I was tired and he responded that he could come over and give me a massage. Um....maybe? Then I mentioned I was going to dinner with friends and he wanted to come, but I said that its not possible because he lives 2 hours away. His response, "yeah i would have to spend the night. Will you let me?" Uh.. I haven't met you dude, wtf? At least Babies was willing to pay for a hotel room for the night if I said yes to meeting him again. Why do men think that by gaining their attention, it's an open invitation for anything. It seems that anything is fair game. No, it's really not.


April said...

so TRUE! love your blog and your stories. i'm in the same boat as you, and especially when it comes to meeting a guy from the online is nice when a guy actually does things in order in which they are suppose too...
email for awhile, ask for her number (call don't text for an actual conversation), meet up for a simple first date...NOT a massage and sleep over.

SingleGal said...

Aw.. Thanks! I had to tell the stories because dating is such a crazy world! I really don't know how I get myself into some of these.

I agree with you. What's wrong with going slow and doing the 1-2-3 with the courting nowadays? Is that so bad? If they want something different than that, they really should be looking elsewhere... prostitutes-r-us? Maybe?