Monday, November 8, 2010

"Snip"pets of Information

Wouldn't it be amazing if a good friend of yours hit the nail on the head and tried to set you up with a charming and perfect man? Yup. It would be. However, life isn't perfect...and neither are the men. If you know one, send him this way please. The night started off in a pretty casual way considering I wasn't planning on going out but I got persuaded to just meet up with a good girlfriend of mine at her place. Then she informed me that a hot guy was coming over as well. Yipee! Men!

She introduced me to this guy and I thought he was adorable. Much better looking than she hinted at. I didn't want to make it too obvious that I was totally into him so I played it cool almost as if I couldn't care less but still interested enough to pay attention to what he was saying. Well it didn't matter if I had been paying close attention or not because I found out so much about him! Too much almost. First, I found out that he was a divorcé and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I embrace it. It means that he has been thru a marriage and for one reason or another, it just didn't work out.

Soon after, he slipped in that he had fun the other day with his son. Whoa. What? Son?! How was this not told to me prior to meeting him?! After I digested this snippet of information, more things came out about his life. He was telling a story about how drunk he was one night and couldn't remember what he had done but it included girls and it was bad. Someone interjected "Oh you might have more kids in *insert foreign country here*." To which he responded, "Yea I dont think so. Two is enough and the only way that's possible is to visit a doctor again." Uhhhhh..what?!?!!? Did I just hear right? First off, its not one kid but TWO. Yup...Deux. He spoke of them highly and I'm sure they are great kids, but man.. kids. THEN, the vasectomy! Whoa dude! Whoa. He got a vasectomy!!! holy moly! My jaw dropped to the floor and my head snapped in his direction. Kinda obvious? Yup. But I mean come on...It's hard NOT to react to something like that. So yea I just met, oh i dunno...about an hour prior to learning all of this about him. Ugh, too bad he had to tell me this things on day one. These are pieces of your life that you have to sprinkle in a conversation. SPRINKLE! NOT smother!

Oh I have mixed feelings about this but Snip-Snip really was pretty hot. So, can I get past all of that information and have a decent conversation with this guy later on down the road? I'm not so sure, but I can try. I'm sure that I will probably see him again considering he is friends with my friend so all I can do is smile and nod. Oh Snip-Snip you were so darn cute.

Too bad we can't screen them first.

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