Friday, May 27, 2011

It does get better...doesn't it?

Well as for my life in the love department - things have gone a little sour. I don't know if it's because I'm soo busy with everything else or it's just that my online profile has gotten dusty. It's probably both! I went out with a guy, Mr. BlueEyes, a few weeks ago on a whim. We had only spoken over email very briefly and we exchanged numbers. I got a txt from him and I agreed to meet him at a bar late on Monday night.. super random.. I had alot of fun with this stranger who stole me in the middle of the night. He confessed that night that he had a 13 month old daughter whom he has visitation rights with. Never been married tho. whoa buddy!

I don't know how I meet all the men who all have children! I decided that I would toss my rule of not dating a man because he has children straight out the door. I wanted to give him a chance even with all the strings attached. By the end of the night..and after a few drinks, we were freely talking about ourselves and of course, the conversation led to conversations about sex. He confessed to me that he was a very sexual person and that when he goes home, he really likes to just take his clothes off and walk around the house naked!...

Well..after almost falling off the bar stool from his little tale, he brought us another round of drinks. We talked about work and clearly the conversations just led back to sex.. It always does, doesn't it? A group of people were taking jager shots at the table behind us and one of the girls asked me to take a picture of them. Sure, I said and took her camera. Then, the guys at the table told us that they had two extra shots and that we should take it with of course we did! I was getting a little drunk and it was not a good way to end up at considering I had to drive back home because I wasn't planning on drinking so much. Mr. BlueEyes noticed that I was getting a little woozy and offered for me to stay at his place..Now, I don't know if this was something he was doing out of the kindness of his heart or it was just to get in my pants. Probably the latter. I politely declined his offer and then he said that if I wasn't comfortable with that I could stay in his guest room and not his bed as was his original intention. Um...hello?! Two things. One - I just met you and Two - you just previously confessed to me that you are an asshole. Yup. He said, "I'm an asshole. I have a theory that if you ever meet a nice guy who says he's a nice guy, run in the opposite direction." Excuse me, I'm confused? Are we playing mind games now? Cause if we are, I forfeit. I said no again and then he said that if I wasn't ok to drive, he would set me up with a hotel room for the night. ... aw.. cute. So after trying to get in my pants and getting rejected, he actually did a grand gesture by offering me a night at a hotel - yes, without him. Well done Mr. BlueEyes.

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