Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A year - oh what happens in a year

Well I'll tell you what happens in a year - people change, they fall in love, they fall out of love, and they move on. However, this did not happen to me.. Not one bit! I have been rather busy this past year but I have yet to find someone in my life. I have been way too career-focused and chicken to walk up to a random stranger and say hello. Oh god! For me, it's nerve-wrecking to do that! I think it's partly the fear of rejection. We all have it and don't say you don't, because then you maybe lying to yourself.

After I felt free from the ex, I decided to go on a little dating sabbatical and just take care of me. It was glorious. I did whatever I wanted to do and didn't have to justify my actions to anyone. I got a second job and I spent a lot of hours being a bridal consultant watching all these happy couples get married. How ironic. However, I did love it and enjoyed my time working with so many happy little brides.

Well I'm back into the dating scene and I have to say that not dating for so long, I have learned a lot about myself and I'm glad that I have gotten that chance to just be me. It's been two years now since the ex and I called it quits and while I no longer have feelings for him in that way, we are semi-acquaintances that are collaborating together in potentially developing an app together. It's labeled appropriately. Ex-Wars.

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